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Naturopathy utilizes the healing power of nature. The treatments are all devised from the bounties of nature itself. Natural ingredients like mud, sand, water, air, sunlight, etc. are used to aid in the healing process. Thus the toxins from the body are extruded smoothly, leading to a stress-free feel and rejuvenation.

Naturopathy believes the human body has its healing powers, implying there is an inner energy present in the body that can do wonders with the right guidance from a practitioner. Naturopathy follows the principle of diagnosing and treating the cause and not merely the symptoms or disease itself.

Naturopaths follow a multi-pronged approach incorporating herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, hydrotherapy, food, exercise therapy, physical therapy, manipulation of the bone and soft tissues, lifestyle, counseling, etc.

Why Kerala?

  • A moderate weather throughout the year
  • World class medical facilities
  • Renowned doctors specialized in major disciplines
  • Trained para-medical staff and technicians
  • Excellent pre and post care treatment
  • International connectivity
  • Cost effectiveness i.e. suiting your budget
  • Scenic beauty
  • Ayurveda, naturopathy, modern medicine
  • Cleanest state
  • Healthy and delicious food
  • A population well versed in english, so communication will not be a problem

Some of the treatments available in natoropathy are:

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