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Health (Medical) Tourism in Kerala, India

Over the last few decades, the state of Kerala in India has made tremendous achievements in the Medical industry. The state of Kerala is now in a position to provide advanced surgical and health care treatments cost-effectively. The Indian healthcare sector has emerged to be a destination to access low priced medical procedures with world-class standards and state-of-the-art treatment facilities. Kerala is a unique destination for all types of tourists visiting this beautifully blessed state, blessed because Kerala has the distinction of being a state having a…

  • Moderate weather throughout the year
  • World-class medical facilities
  • Renowned doctors specialized in major disciplines
  • Trained para-medical staff and technicians
  • Excellent pre and post-care treatment
  • Cost-effectiveness i.e. suiting your budget
  • A population well versed in English, so communication will not be a problem

Greenhaven tours are one of the recognized partners of Health (Medical) tourism in India and Kerala and have been organizing medical tours for people from different parts of the world. We have joined hands with the world-class hospitals in Kerala and can help you to get the right kind of health treatment in India for your well being. Below are the health care treatments which can be accessed in India and Kerala.


Modern Medicine

Specialty hospitals in Kerala offer comprehensive treatment in all faculties, rest assured we will look into all the aspects of your treatment once you send us the details regarding your ailment by email. Explore More>>


Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine embodies treatment with nature’s bounty of herbs, roots and all the resources available with it. Panchakarma, the rejuvenation therapy in Ayurveda cleanses the mind as well as the body along with sessions of yoga for a better living. Explore More>>


It is a form of treatment that follows a holistic approach towards an ailment with non-invasive treatment and generally avoids the use of surgery and drugs. Practitioners of naturopathy often prefer methods of treatment wherein they use mainly organic and naturally available foods, herbal medications, lifestyle advice, counseling, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and remedial massage. Explore More>>

Pre Travel Advice For Travelers:

pre travelBefore you travel to India for medical treatments please make note of the below-mentioned points…

  • If you have undergone any treatment with your local physician, please carry all the necessary health and checkup reports.
  • Organize your travel days, in most of the cases, it’s advised to take 10-15 days of rest if you are undergoing any surgeries or other laser treatments. Keep this in mind while scheduling your trip.
  • Consult with your medical insurance partner if any discounts can be availed for the treatment purposes. Please consult with our office for any further information on insurance policies.
  • Hand over copies of all the necessary documents and addresses of your relatives before undergoing any treatments that are of higher priority.


Medical tourism Procedures, Medical tourism in India Procedures. Health Tourism procedures


Our Responsibility:


Green Haven Tours is one of the recognized partners of Medical tourism in India. We have joined hands with the world-class hospitals in Kerala and can help you to get the right kind of treatment. Before your arrival in India, we will have organized all your travel, accommodation and appointments in the hospital where you need to receive the treatment. We also take of your needs that may arise during your stay in Kerala, including assistance for further treatments, and tour packages to experience the beauty of famous destinations in Kerala, and all over India.

Our responsibility doesn’t end once you have received the required treatment. Our support continues even after you have reached your native country in the form of future appointments, followup e.t.c.


Why us?

why us

Greenhaven tours have been organizing medical tours for people from different parts of the world and have gained a reputation as a reliable health tour organizer. Apart from that, we can also assist you with the travel and accommodation needs based on your budget. You can be sure to feel safe with us, as we will arrange for all your needs to get the required health treatments just like one from your family.

We have specialized hands-on:


  • Cardiology Treatments
  • Dental Care Treatments in India
  • Dermatology Treatments in Kerala, India
  • Gastroenterology in India
  • Gynecology Treatments
  • Infertility Treatment in Kerala, India
  • Neurology Treatments
  • Ophthalmology Treatments in Kerala, India
  • Orthopedic Treatments
  • Oncology in India
  • Ayurveda Treatments in India
  • Naturopathy Treatments in Kerala, India

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