Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Peppara Tourist Attractions


The Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary constitutes the catchment area of the Peppara Dam on the Karamana River near Thiruvananthapuram, India.

It was commissioned in 1983 to augment the drinking water supply to Thiruvananthapuram city and its suburban areas. Considering the ecological significance of the area, it was declared a sanctuary in 1983. The area was formerly a part of the Paruthippally range of the Thiruvananthapuram Territorial Division. Forests consist of part of the Palode reserve-24 sq km and part of Kottoor reserve-29 sq km. The total water spread of the reservoir is 5.82 sq km. Recently a joint effort has been made by Kerala Tourism with the State Forest Department and the Kerala Water Authority to beautify the dam site and provide more entertainment and leisure facilities here.

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