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Kerala offers several gastronomic opportunities. Spices that flovour the local cusine give it a sharp pungency that is heightended with the use of  Tamarind and Kodapuli, while Coconut gives it its richness absorbing some of the tongue- teasing, pepper- hot flovours. However there is a good deal of sea food available, and the prawn curries in their beds of coconut gravy are exceptionally good. Curries eaten usually with plain steamed rice. Other  delicacies include APPAM a puffy variation of DOSA[fermented coconut- water or Toddy is mixed for making APPAMS] and can be had either with egg masala or chicken curry. The traditional feast of Kerala- called  SADYA – is dished up readily during Onam, in every eatery, restaurant  or home. Exotically served on a clean fresh banana leaf, this multi-course extravaganza comprises mainly rice and countless curries and dishes, all delectably vegetarian, most of them coconut- based. With various tongue-tingling pickles adding that touch of spice. And topped by large helpings of Payasams- a sweet milky porridge served with dried fruits and nuts.

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